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A Message From The Florida Sun Hops Team

We would like to take a moment to say how happy we are to have met so many of the craft brewers throughout Florida this year. Your enthusiasm towards Florida grown hops has been extremely encouraging, and we look forward to working with many of you in the future. We also understand that COVID-19 concerns are at the top of everyone's mind. The challenges this force of nature has put on all of us, and our businesses have been immense. Despite all of that, Florida craft brewers have encouraged us once again, your fight to keep business going while finding ways to support your employees and serve the community is impressive and appreciated.

We plan to mirror that kind of devotion and tenacity by continuing with our first harvest in July/August, and November of 2020.  Due to the challenges mentioned above, we are only able to supply fresh wet hops for these harvests.


Please give us a call for details and let us know if we can help serve you during this time.


Stay safe and hope to see you soon!


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Local fresh hops
for Florida craft brewers

Florida Sun Hops is bringing the true taste of Florida to local craft brewers. As one of the first hop farms in the Sunshine State, we are committed to delivering quality fresh hops to this regions craft brands while striving to make hop farming a permanent part of Florida's agriculture. We invite you to Watch Us Grow, Countdown to our first harvest and join us on our journey from Farm To Bar.    



Countdown to Fresh Hops


                 Spring 2021

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It's Here!


The Farm to Bar VR Experience

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Call and order your free copy today!

Making Florida Part Of The Craft

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